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Offering A Variety of Exploration, Production, & Management Services

BWB Operating, Inc. offers a variety of audit, environmental, and land management services in Liberty, Texas. We provide industry-structured and high-potential drilling prospects to capital providers in the oil and gas industry.

Broker Services

Let us assist you with locating qualified industry buyers for your property or the sale of your entire company. We help you find partners for all your drilling prospect packages. Upon request, we will provide a specific broker agreement.

Gravity Data

BWB Operating, Inc., in cooperation with Gravity Data Techniques Inc., offers gravity data and interpretations throughout most oil provinces in the United States. We offer this important exploration tool at a negotiated price or a prospect participation interest, payable at closing.

Audit, Environmental, Land and Management Services.

Second and Third Generation Oil and Gas Managers combine to offer in excess of 100 years industry experience. We look forward to assisting you with your projects.

We Need Prospects

If you're selling an oil or gas prospect or property, we look forward to assisting you with marketing. Let us connect you to qualified investors.